Tippmann Paint-Ball Hand-Gun 0.68


Tippmann self-defense-pistol from The Marketplace.Gratis

Tippmann *Paint-Ball Hand-Gun 0.68 caliber.

Includes holster with spare magazines. Loaded with self-defense 0.68 mm solid balls. This firearms can be adjusted to adjust the velocity. Having tested this product myself at the standard velocity of 350-500 mps. It produces enormous power within 10 -15 meters. While the most powerful air-rifles can produce much higher velocity the pellets are so tiny they may penetrate the skin but cannot compare to the 0.68 diameter self defense solid balls. It is powered by small cylinders that can power at least 10-15 rounds in rapid succession. As New and includes all accessories including 50x gas cylinders, self-defense and pepper balls; +++   ZAR 5000.00. Contact The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace or Marketplace.Gratis. South Africa Only.

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