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The world’s most valuable tech companies profit from the personal data you generate. So why aren’t you getting paid for it? In this eye-opening talk, entrepreneur and technologist Jennifer Zhu Scott makes the case for private data ownership — which would empower you to donate, destroy or sell your data as you see fit — and shows how this growing movement could put power (and cash) back into the hands of people.



Freelancer Required! Looking for A Freelancer: This is not a request for free software. YOU NAME YOUR PRICE. Better still if the software is good enough, we will assist you with all the resources required to start your own business. Can you design software/plugins for WP and or other platforms? For example, A bespoke Geo-location multi-vendor/classified marketplace? What about adding any level of Augmented or ‘VR’ or even 360-degree features for products? What about ‘Forms’ Forms that can add products forms that can create review platforms.  Sell your software/plugins on the Marketplace-Gratis. http://marketplace.gratis

Forms, or call them what you like that can enable Groups like social media type groups or what if I asked for the software for the Mvrketplace. Imagine visiting your favorite store at 2am that is 2000 miles away. Hold on we do not want too many returns! Getting it. Clothing either works or is never worn! Street clothing experience the vibe of walking into your favourite store including the music, feel the fabric as you try the clothing on. Look in the mirror. Lose 10 pounds and try again as the Mvrketplace knows your body. Maybe create yourself an avatar travel to China visit the

Sell your software/plugins on the Marketplace-Gratis. http://marketplace.gratis West meets East:


Must be for people who cannot code. Or as easy as possible to install. Added by the admin via the back end and available for visitors on your website who register and have front-end access. For details contact or Sell your software/plugins on the Marketplace-Gratis. http://marketplace.gratis  The Mvrketplace or Marketplace-Gratis

Email: help@gratisme.com

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